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This ain’t another cloud testing service.

Nativetap puts hundreds of devices in the palm of your hand. For real.

A device lab that fits into your pocket.

The Nativetap mobile app gives you full remote access to hundreds of real smart devices—so you can test, debug, and design apps in a way that’s life-like, interactive and always in real-time.
How it works?

Finally, a device lab for everyone.

  • Testers [learn more]

    Test manually on any device and experience your app the way your users do.

  • Developers [learn more]

    Forget digging through piling logs. Set breakpoints and get seamless, instant feedback while debugging your app.

  • Designers [learn more]

    Experience the real look, feel and UX of your designs on different devices.

Key benefits

  • Out of the box experience

    No integrations, cables or riddles. Download the Nativetap app and go.

  • Zero learning curve

    We’re framework agnostic, so you can keep your favorite tools and development processes intact.

  • Goodbye, dust-collecting gadgets

    Nativetap lets you rent any remote device when you need it, with simple pay-as-you-go pricing.

  • Access anywhere, anytime

    Share one pool of devices across all your remote team members, no matter where they are.

  • Hands-off management

    Access hundreds of real devices without the hassle of management, maintenance, or cost silos.

  • Superstar Apps

    Build quality apps that work perfectly across all devices to keep your users happy, ratings high and revenues flowing.

Don't just take our word for it ...

  • Ben Champan

    This has potential :) goodbye physical BYOD testing.

  • Nisha Garigarn

    Nativetap... because we all hate writing unit tests.

  • Tim Rosenblatt

    Cool new tool for #android #app #testing

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